Advertise with Cayman Good Taste

The Cayman Good Taste website and magazine offer numerous opportunities to promote your business or event related to the food, wine or entertainment industry in the Cayman Islands, especially as the Good Taste website is the official partner website for the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism.

You might want to promote your restaurant, bar, coffee shop, event, venue, catering services, party planning services, seasonal parties (like Christmas, New Year's Day, Valentine's Day, Pirates Week, Taste of Cayman, etc.), wine offers, happy hours, lunchtime delivery services, etc..

The Good Taste website currently receives over one million web hits per month. We print 65,000 copies of the Good Taste magazine each year and distribute to hotels, condos, restaurants, shopping malls, tourist information offices, the Cayman Islands Airport, and numerous other places in Grand Cayman. The magazine is printed annually, is distributed in December every year and has an estimated readership of 300,000.

Visit the Good Taste product page for general information and the Good Taste Media Pack page for advertising information and rates.

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